Infusion mash temperature calculator


Эта небольшая программа производит вычисления объема и температуры воды для инфузионного типа затирания солода (перемешивание с одной порцией воды при определенной температуре).


Оригинальное описание:

This little program makes calculations of water volume and temperature for infusion mashing simple.  It makes two calculations:

1.  Given a quantity of grain and a desired mash thickness, how much strike liquor at what temperature do I need to achieve a desired mash temperature?

2.  Given a quantity of mash at a particular temperature, how much boiling water do I need to boost the mash to a second desired temperature?

Just fill in the boxes and click on Calculate. 

The only box on the screen that needs any explanation perhaps is the "Thermal Mass of Tun."  This is to adjust for the heat loss to the mash tun.  If you pre-heat the mashtun, it can be set to zero.  If you don't pre-heat, you will have to determine this experimentally over a few batches - it won't ruin your beer to be off a couple of degrees.  The 0.30 value works for me.

Thanks to all the HBD folks who responded to my request for the formulas for the calculations.  I am including in this package Jeff McNally's text file of clippings of posts on the subject, and Jim Layton's comparison of the results of my program against manual calculations
he made with the various formulas.


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